Marketing services (below the line)


A marketing campaign for a product or a brand always requires creativity, knowledge of the product, and the experience of the person in charge of the campaign. There are several product groups that have the same marketing tactics, but there are also many products that need different ideas before launching the product. An idea of a good marketing campaign when that idea is put on the table of a marketing team.


Each sector (FMCG, F & B, Technology, Industry, Fashion & Cosmetic, ...) has its own customers, as well as different marketing methods. A marketer will not be good when they do not have a good marketing team. Marketing is always an art.

DNC Technology has spent a lot of time working with many marketing groups of various industries as a service support partner for their marketing campaigns. With our knowledge in more than 15 years of experience, we can confidently understand what our customers need? And how do you do that? with the internal strength of our company itself.



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