Why choose us?

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More than 15 years of experience in the field of advertising, DNC Technology believes that it can meet all your needs. Products diversity and perfect service will make customers more satisfied when choosing us as Partner

Technical knowledge in depthly, distribution system management experience with nationwide scale, professional after-sales service are factors that will make customers satisfied. The products we provide, unlike many consumer products, are the assets of the Customer who donates / supports / grants to our own agents. It should be considered as an asset to cherish.

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Digital printing machine

Size of factory is 500 sqm in district 12 in HCM city for prodution and storage of products; Modern 3.2m digital printer with 6 high-resolution Japanese printers, using Japanese green ink for beautiful, long lasting colors and contributing to environmental protection as well. Like health for technical workers; CNC cutting machine and many other equipment.

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Professional technical staff with many years of working with our company, they are technically savvy and this not only performs all signs but also improves them with aesthetics.

The ability to transport equipment, arrange the time of installation / handover of advertising equipment is an advantage of DNC Technology. Maneuverability, skillfulness and high responsibility of escorting technicians will accomplish the targets in a short time.

Professional service - Trust - Cooperation, DNC Technology is committed to providing customers with quality products, perfect service at reasonable prices.

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Experience, knowledge and ability to create relationships with local organizations and partners will contribute to the high success of advertising campaigns.

The concept of brand identity, rules and regulations of our customers are strictly adhered to by the staff of our company. Local advertising regulations, relationships with them are always focused on facilitating more successful advertising campaigns.

In addition, DNC Technology also regularly organizes training sessions to improve the professionalism of employees. Come to us, you can be completely assured because professional staff, enthusiastic; Quality products / services meet all needs.

DNC Technology will always accompany customers on journey!
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