Board Visibility

There are many types of advertising (signs and signboards) with a variety of materials suitable to Customer’s budget. DNC Technology is ready to advise and choose the right product. We are committed to the products will be of high quality and aesthetics.


Products used to display advertising products - POSM, decisive in Marketing. POSM will make the brand or product more prominent at point of sale. POSM also contributes to the message conveyed by the manufacturer or a promotion in Marketing Campaigns …


Exhibition decoration

One of the methods of promotion applied by many businesses is to make or participate in exhibitions. The beautiful and unique exhibition will create opportunities for the brand to reach customers directly and effectively.

Events management & decoration

Organizing events is a very useful activity. Events are always tied to one or more brands, sometimes just a strong brand. Events include: Customer Conference; Press releases and press conferences for a Marketing Campaign; Roadshow; ...

Marketing services (below the line)

Before starting a Marketing Campaign, there are many support services available. These support services will be available before, during and after the end of a Marketing Campaign ....


The ability to control the process, the experience of handling the situation, knowledge of technical consulting and production, after-sales service accumulated after more than 15 years of specialized operations, DNC technology meet the variety demand of many industries in Vietnam market.



More than 15 years of experience in the field of advertising, DNC Technology BELIEVES that can meet all your needs. Perfect service will make customers more satisfied when using our products.



The scale of the workshop, specialized equipment, mature skills of the technical workers, ability to deploy and manage the project, are the outstanding advantages when customers choose DNC Technology as a Partner.



Experience, knowledge and ability to create relationships with local organizations and partners will contribute to the high success of advertising campaigns.

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